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Advanced Solutions Integrated
Advanced Solutions Integrated Corporation has proven over the last 10 years to bring the best in technology and products together with the idea of providing the utmost in service to our particular markets.  Infrared technology has evolved into one of the most important tools as it relates to combating electrical overloads with a specific inspection maintenance schedule.  Commercial use of this technology is a must in preventing costly downtime due to electrical fires which can be easily prevented and budget friendly. Odor control for waste water plants and landfills is coming under greater demand as new products formulated to combat these issues has come into its own.  New “green” formulas are replacing old chemicals that have been proven environmentally caustic to our air today. A.S.I. Corp. is committed in researching odor control products that would most effectively remedy these problems and again serve to be cost effective at the same time. Avian control products are a must with all the health issues related to bird droppings.  Commercial businesses are now under constant threat of lawsuits due to preventable respiratory problems in employees that have been exposed to prolong contact with dried bird droppings that have dried and as a result inhaled.  Bird flu virus is a real threat today according to the CDC and the UN World Health Organization.  Here again, A.S.I. has incorporated one of the best prevention technologies to our clients that are currently experiencing these types of issues and again, a very cost effective service.  A.S.I. Corp. is constantly working with nationally known manufactures to bring all kinds of quality products and services to the world market.  We will continue in the years to come.